Jordan-With-ProductsWith Christmas out of the way and the new year now in full swing, Pure Valeting & Detail have some exciting news to announce.


Professional car detailing centre in Nailsea

On 1st March 2017, we will be moving into a unit on Southfield Road Industrial Estate, Nailsea. This new unit will enable us to offer professional car cleaning to people in Nailsea. Our central location means people looking for car cleaning in Portishead or car valeting in Clevedon are only a short drive away, and by having a secure base to work from, we can expand the range of services on offer to our clients.

We will be offering everything from maintenance car valets all the way through to major correction details, ceramic coatings, new car preparations and everything in between. We are fully insured and highly skilled, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle in our hands. We use a range of premium products and our guarantee ensures that you won’t be left disappointed with our service.

We have also recently installed a water filtration system into the van so that we can produce 100% filtered pure water. What does this mean for you? By using pure, de-ionised water we are completely eliminating the risk of water spotting and mineral deposits that are caused by direct tap water, which as Bristol is an area with particularly hard water sometimes up around the 300ppm mark, can, unfortunately, be a fairly common occurrence.


Mobile car valeting Bristol

The mobile service will continue but this also means that there will be a free collection and drop off service for clients in the surrounding areas of Nailsea, meaning a 100% hassle free service will be provided, you won’t even have time to put the kettle on before your vehicle is taken away for a new lease of life.

This is a big step and I would like to thank all my clients for their continued support. Since setting up in 2015, we have been proud to offer personalised professional vehicle care to over 550 customers. We believe our approach and level of service are special, but even more importantly, so are every one of our customers. Pure Valeting & Detail would truly be nothing without you. We dedicate every minute of the process to ensuring that your car is in the safest possible hands.